Plan ahead

and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that some of the most difficult decisions concerning funeral planning have been addressed.

Even though we don’t always talk about the end of our own lives, most people have some idea about how they would like to be memorialized.

If you would like to discuss your wishes, talk about ideas for traditional services or customized life celebrations or memorializations or, if you just have questions… please call.

We’ve been here, serving the community and surrounding area, for 88 years. Our funeral professionals are experienced, skilled, and resourceful. Allow us to help you sort through your options so that you can make good and informed choices.


If you determine that you would want to pre-fund your funeral arrangements, you can choose to do so in a number of ways: with a certificate of deposit at an area bank, or you can choose a life insurance policy specifically designed for pre-need funeral arrangements.

While you may certainly pre-fund your funeral arrangements with other insurance agents and companies, we would strongly suggest you call us before doing so, in order to make sure your pre-need funding is in compliance with current Medicaid and insurance industry requirements.


What are the benefits?

Pre-planning allows you to take your time, and to consider the options that will serve the needs of those who grieve your passing. Working with a licensed and experienced funeral professional will give you the opportunity to make informed and wise decisions. We understand that your needs may change as the years go by. Be assured that you always have the freedom to make changes with regard to your choices, if you so desire.

You’ve got questions?

We’d be glad to help you with the answers that are right for you.
Help alleviate the burden of planning funeral/memorialization arrangements in your family’s time of need, while ensuring that your final wishes are met.

Contact Marnocha Funeral Home for a free pre-planning consultation today.


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Our life story: the small moments and people we meet along life’s journey are a part of us and have helped shape who we are and what we value. Although we may know about some of the big moments in the lives of our loved ones, we may not know much about the other experiences and people who helped shape them.

Sitting down with our loved ones to talk about their lives can be rich and satisfying. Learning about memorable events and people, places and favorite activities, values and lessons learned, can help bring us closer to those we care about most.

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Are you a young person who’d like to interview your grandma or grandpa, a next-door neighbor? What was happening in the world when they were your age? How did they like going to school? How did they meet their husband or wife? And you, our valued senior citizen friends and relatives, would you like to share your story with future generations? What was it like raising children 50, 60, even 70 years ago?

We have a nice supply of Conversation Starter Cards and paper workbooks from FAMIC, the sponsors of have the “Talk of a Lifetime” … designed perfectly for interviewing or telling your life story. Give us a call, or stop in. We’d be happy to put one (or two or three… ) in your hands. Now is a great time to have the “Talk of a Lifetime.” What are you waiting for?