It matters that your loved one was here. Everyone’s life made a difference to someone, and oftentimes to people and in ways that the immediate family “didn’t even know.” One of the lovely effects of a time to visit and celebrate is the sharing of stories by friends, families, neighbors, and others in the community.

In addition to those services and merchandise that you would normally associate with a funeral service, whether it be a traditional funeral followed by burial, entombment or cremation, or a Life Celebration or Memorial Service, with or without an urn present, or a simple graveside service, there are services and goods that are available to make your choices more personal to you and your loved one.

Personalization is just what is says… personal. Among other things, we can provide full size and keepsake urns that represent the lifestyle of your loved one. You are able to obtain fingerprint jewelry and other items through a reputable company with years of experience doing quality work.

We can help you create video slideshows, picture boards, memorabilia displays, candles, blankets, videos, and many other items of personalization. New ideas come forward all the time.

When possible, we take your loved one past their home on our way to a church or cemetery. That is an old tradition in the Pulaski area. Families have used firetrucks, pickup trucks, and farm wagons in ways that safely take their loved one to the cemetery.
We have had processions that includes firetrucks and tractors, school buses, and escorts of friends on motorcycles.

Ask us. If we can make it work for you, be assured we will do our very best to make it happen.