After suffering a loss, it is important to take care of yourself. We know that grief is work, and finding some kind of balance is essential to your well-being. While there is no such thing as closure (how would you close a loved one from your memories and your heart?), you will experience some degree of healing.

After the funeral services are completed, we want you to know that we offer continued support and encouragement along with constructive insight to help you with your grief work. We are always willing to put on a pot of coffee and sit down and talk with you.

Marnocha Funeral Home has a grief library for adults and children, with books, pamphlets, and videos for your use. There are grief support groups in the greater area, such as those offered by Unity Hospice.

We invite you to take advantage of our Marnocha Funeral Home Grief Plan™ App.
The App gives you access to professional quality videos, grief resources,
Thought of the Day, obituaries, and the funeral home website from your phone / device.

Click here to download our Marnocha Funeral Home Grief Plan™ App.

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