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Marnocha Funeral Home.
Families Serving Families Since 1933


 On April 1, 2021, Marnocha Funeral Home was sold to Jeffrey Ruediger. Jeffrey is a licensed funeral director who is originally from Ashwaubenon and grew up in the shadows of Lambeau Field. He most recently worked in Sparta, Wisconsin with his wife, Nikki, and their two young sons, Brooks and Miles.


The name will remain the same, along with the level of care you’ve come to expect for nine decades.


The Marnocha family invites you to join them in welcoming the Ruedigers to continue the rich tradition of “Families serving Families” since 1933.¬†






Pam Janssen: Certified Funeral Celebrant / Life Transition Professional

Funeral Director Pam Janssen  attended a three-day workshop / training to become a Certified Funeral Celebrant / Life Transition Professional. The training was held at National Funeral Directors Association headquarters in Brookfield, Wisconsin.


The Funeral Celebrants Training is a new approach to personalized funerals presented by Doug Manning and Glenda Stansbury of the InSight Institute. At the end of 2018 they had trained over 3700 Funeral Celebrants throughout the United States and Canada. The training in Brookfield included people from all over the country who will either offer these services to families who come to their funeral homes or individuals who will contract with firms to offer these services to the community.




A Funeral Celebrant is a lay-person, clergy person, or funeral director who has been trained in the specific area of conducting funerals for families who wish to have a personalized and individualized funeral service experience and might have no affiliation with a church or would not be comfortable with a traditional religious funeral ceremony.




Celebrants offer personalized funeral services, tributes, memorial services, grave side memorials and other committal services, personalized memory gathering on the day before a traditional funeral service… whatever a family would need. The Celebrant would also collaborate with a family’s clergy person, if that is what the family desires. Celebrants are trained to lead all kinds of services, both secular and those with spiritual background. They spend eight to ten hours, on average: meeting with families, LISTENING and sharing stories, gathering information and putting each family’s needs all together in creating a meaningful funeral experience.




We’re here if you have questions, and we’d be happy to let you see how a Celebrant Service can be a wonderful experience for you in honoring your loved one.