If your loved one was a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, we will assist you by notifying your local county Veterans Service Office. If eligible, you will be able to apply for a veterans headstone, if desired, and a Presidential Memorial Certificate. In addition, if there would be any financial assistance available, either for partial funeral costs or spousal benefits, the Veterans Service Officer will be able to answer your questions and assist you with all required paperwork.

Our funeral home will obtain a Veterans Burial Flag and can initiate contact and coordinate details for Military Honors as part of the funeral services you have arranged.

The Pulaski Area Veterans offer a professional and respect-filled service. That service generally includes a flag and rifle detail, Taps (see DID YOU KNOW article below), and a presentation of the burial flag to the family.

Did You Know…


The Pulaski Area Veterans, in collaboration with Pulaski High School and Marnocha Funeral Home, provide students to sound Taps at funerals where the veterans are requested to perform military honors. The students are given a tuition voucher each time. This is a Wisconsin statutory provision which came into effect in 2003. Since that time, our local veterans have continuously offered this wonderful presentation for their deceased comrades and their families. Mr. Tom Busch and the Administration / School Board at PHS have graciously allowed students to leave class to sound Taps AND the echo (two students). The young people come of their own volition on weekends, days off of school, and throughout the course of summer when there are no classes.

We are so proud to witness this service. There are also recorder-bugles provided (for purchase) by the government that are actually tape-playing devices however, that does not compare to the live performance of these young people.

The students take this responsibility seriously. They dress sharply – polish their shoes, wear dress slacks and shirts, ties (the guys – yes, we do have young ladies, also), and stand tall. While always a little shy the first couple of times they come, you can see them grow stronger as their confidence builds. The veterans look forward to visiting with the young people, and vice versa for sure. People, both at the funeral and those in close proximity, stop and pause, and pay their respects. It’s personal and dignified, and community at its best.

Here is one example of how important this is:

one Saturday afternoon we had a funeral for a veteran at our funeral home. We were not going to a cemetery after the service, so our veterans lined up to do honors on the east side of the funeral home, in the area between our building and Smurawa’s Country Bakery. After the minister had finished his portion of the service, the funeral director stepped up to open the double doors to that area so that everyone could witness the military honors. As the door opened, the director noticed a man with his young son walking towards the entry to the bakery. The dad saw what was happening, stopped, pointed for his son to watch, and took off his cap and held it over his heart. The little boy followed suit. The director did not know if anyone else saw that, but it sure put a lump in their throat!

Here is the section of Wisconsin Act 42, which provided for this fine opportunity for many generations to come together, remember, and honor our veterans: 

In accordance with Section 8 of 2003 Wisconsin Act 42, effective August 26, 2003, a funeral director may issue a tuition voucher in the amount of $25 to: 

  1. An individual who sounds “Taps” on a bugle, trumpet, or cornet during a military honors funeral held in the state of Wisconsin for a deceased veteran, and 
  2. Who is a student: 
  3. In grades 6-12, or 
  4. At an institution of higher education (as defined in 2003 Stat. 895.515(1)(b)). 

The vouchers are not transferable. The tuition voucher may be used at any time for the payment of tuition and required program activity fees at: 

  1. A University of Wisconsin System institution (as provided under 2003 Stat. 36.27(3r)),  or 
  2. A technical college (as provided under 2003 Wis Stats. S38.24(6)). 
  3. Private institutions of higher education are also encouraged to accept the vouchers. 

In accordance with Section 9 of the Act, school boards are encouraged to grant an excused absence to a pupil in grades 6 to 12 for the purpose of sounding “Taps” during a military honors funeral for a deceased veteran.

We’re here if you have questions, and we’d be happy to help you in honoring your loved one.

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