Beginning with the Michelle C. (Marnocha) Knaus Memorial Scholarships in 2007 through 2018, the Scott and Pam Janssen Community Scholarships from 2018 through 2021, and continuing with the Marnocha Funeral Home Scholarships since 2022, Marnocha Funeral Home has contributed over $30,000 to local youth who are graduating from Pulaski High School as they move forward and further their education.

We believe that, not only are they our future, our young people are already an invaluable part of our past and our present. It is both a privilege and our responsibility to encourage and assist them in celebrating, developing, and contributing their unique gifts to the world.

Students who would want to be considered for a Marnocha Funeral Home Scholarship are encouraged to apply through Pulaski High School and the Pulaski Education Foundation’s Local Scholarship Fund, which administers our scholarships.

Giving back to our community, investing in our community, are not just trendy buzz words. We believe they are an integral part of life.

Michelle C. (Marnocha) Knaus

Scott and Pam Janssen