About Us


We understand that it takes many hands and hearts to help facilitate a funeral. The death of a member of the community and the ensuing celebration of their life affects others in the community and so we come together, we share our gifts and resources, and we care for each other.

We have been blessed with a wealth of people from the Pulaski area who help us to serve you in the best way possible.


Pam (Marnocha) Janssen has been a licensed funeral director since 1977 and has served as the
firm’s president/owner since 1994. Pam is an Insight Trained, Certified Funeral Celebrant/LifeTribute Professional. A Certified Life Tribute / Funeral Celebrant is a lay-person, clergy person, or funeral director who has been trained in the specific area of conducting funerals for families who wish to have a personalized and individualized funeral service experience.

Pam currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Pulaski Community Pantry and recently retired after 17 years on the Pastoral Team at her local parish, working as the Adult Faith Formation Coordinator and RCIA Team Leader.

You just might find her with a camera in her hands, trying to capture the magic of the moment.

  Say cheese, or smile, or something! 




Levana Gray – Schubert is a licensed funeral director. She currently serves as the President of the Pulaski Lions Club and is a member of Lions District 27B2 Sturm Humanitarian Board of Directors.


Levana has family ties to the Antigo and Mercer areas and enjoys spending time with her family in the Northwoods. She recently became a mom and her funeral home work family is tickled pink to welcome baby Leona.


And, lest he feel left out… Levana is also the proud ‘dog parent’ of Winston, an English Bulldog… who is pretty sure he owns the house!




Rachel Dinehart serves as a licensed funeral director. Rachel grew up in the South (you might pick up on her accent). She and her husband, Grant, moved to the area in 2018. The couple has six children . As you might imagine, their lives are blessed and their days are filled with love and activity. We are delighted to have Rachel join our work family and look forward to having her talents and her kind heart enhance our service to the families we are called to serve.




Pam’s dad, Mike Marnocha, is also on staff as a licensed funeral director. He is semi-retired but is always willing to come in and give us a hand. He also drives the funeral coach (hearse) on a part-time basis.

Mike continues to play an occasional Sunday afternoon dance job with old-time bands around the area.








Pulaski native, Diane (Socha) Peters, serves as our Officer Manager. Diane is also our Pre-Need Specialist, assisting Pam and the other directors with your pre-need questions and solutions.

Diane is a member of the Pastoral Team at Assumption B.V.M. Parish in Pulaski, where she serves as the Music Minister. It’s a treat to hear her play the piano, and we’re doubly blessed to have her available to accompany both church and family singers and musicians at many of our area funerals.

She and her husband, Ray, enjoy spending time with their family, and especially their three grandchildren.







Pam’s brother, Greg Marnocha, is our Funeral Assistant Leader and ‘go-to guy’ for just about anything.

Greg enjoys classic cars… a lot… and is the proud owner of a 1969 Camaro SS, newly repainted to an original orange Camaro look. Pretty sharp, for sure!


Greg also enjoys music from the 60’s and sitting around a campfire with friends. He loves spending time with his daughter, and his granddaughter.



Traci (Johnson) Szymanski is our Licensed Funeral Apprentice.

Staci has been assisting us at the funeral home for a number of years and recently completed the Wisconsin apprentice course, passed her exam, and was granted an apprentice license.


We think Staci just might have the biggest and friendliest smile in the tri-county area.







Eugene and Janet Maroszek and other members of the community are available to help us serve you as part-time Funeral Assistants.  Nathan Ferfecki makes sure our walks and entryways are clear of snow and ice all winter, Todd Schmidt and his crew keep our landscaping up to snuff, Al Christopherson keeps our eaves cleaned of debris and snow/ice, and McKeefry and Sons, Inc. continues to do a great job in keeping the parking lot open for our families and their guests during our long Wisconsin winters. Smurawa’s Country Bakery and Super Ron’s provide us with sweets and treats for our arrangement conferences and for the family room during visitation hours. We have always used local business people and resources to help us do our work, as we do as much as we can to support our local community.

Our staff is committed to working for and with you, in planning the service you desire to memorialize your loved one. We can help you develop a unique service that is reflective of your needs and wishes, and we encourage you to use your imagination — we are here to serve you. For over 86 years, we’ve built our reputation for providing Pulaski’s finest funeral services on our belief that each of our clients is like a member of our own family.